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The members of the Sesame Board are committed to offering social ballroom dancing where all dancers are welcome. To acheive this goal, the board has established the following guidelines. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Dances are as much a social event as a "Dance".

Clothing is dressy or casual and clean.

Due to limitations imposed by insurance, lifts, drops, and throws of a dance partner are not allowed during general dancing at Sesame dances.

For the waltz, foxtrot, and other similar moving dance styles, dancing moves continuously counter clockwise (and does not stop or move clockwise) with the fastest dancers on the outside of the ballroom floor.

During a waltz, foxtrot or other similiar moving dance styles, the center of the ballroom floor is for non-moving dance styles and is a safe spot for dancers unfamilar with a dance style. Also, the dancers in the outside dance lanes do not cut across the center of the dance floor.

The "Two Dance Rule" is that of dancing at most two consecutive dances with one person, then inviting someone else to dance, This is not required at Sesame dances but is the general way.

Unless dancing with someone exclusively, if someone asks you to dance and you turn them down, it is not appropriate to dance with someone else for that song.

For greater enjoyment for the slot dances such as West Coast swing, dancers should dance in line with the boards.

Individual "unasked for teaching" on the dance floor is inappropriate for a social dance.

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